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Täna on 16. juuli 2024

Siin lehel toimub Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi loomeresidentuuri planeerimine.

Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi Facebooki leht https://www.facebook.com/heliamailiis

SCHOENBERG RESIDENCY/Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi projekti ametlik koduleht on https://schoenberg.ee/?sitesig=SB&page=SB_030_Tegevus&subpage=2024_Schoenberg_Residency._Heli__auml_Mailiis_Viirakivi



Investigation, performance practices, alternative performance practices, Vocal music, contemporary music, experimental music, acoustic music, acoustic-electronic music, world premieres, local collaboration, international collaboration, city attractiveness, increased community health,


Tõsta Pärnu loomekogukonna aktiivsust, suurendada Pärnu atraktiivsust rahvusvahelisel areenil. Residendi isiklik eesmärk vokaalsolisti ja ansamblistina on oma võimete arendamine ja rakendamine.

Implement an investigation of alternative notational and aural performance practises as a soloist and ensemble member realised at the city of Pärnu. Creating artistic activities in aim to increase the community residents health, increasing the attractiveness of the city and tourism.

Investigation via books, articles, discussions and lectures concerning the residency topics. Musical implementation on alternative interpretation and performance practices in contemporary and experimental music, including notational as well as aural aspects.


  1. During residency: Minimum of 3 concerts in variety setting in the city of Pärnu. One Residency Recital, other collaborative concerts with interdisciplinary aspects. Organizing other musical activities around the city of Pärnu.
  2. During residency: Investigating materials to support the written residency report/ outcome paper.
  3. Post-residency written feedback about the experience of participating in the residency and its compliance with the resident's expectations (contract fulfillment report)
  4. Post-residency Lecture or lecture-workshop about the residency outcomes/paper or post-residency concert in collaboration with local ja international artists?

Schedule 1.8.-30.9.2024[]

Residency period totally 2 months 1.8.-30.9.2024 divided for non-active and active periods.

Non-active periods: investigation of residency topics, taking notes, writing, composing, preparing program

Active periods: working physically in Pärnu, collaborating, preparing program, attending to activities and performing

1. active period 1.–11.8.2024[]

participation in RAAMID 5 1.-10.8.2024, PERFORMANCE 10.8
Working with visual arts and music and/or with nature surroundings (back yard) of Pärnu City Gallery, PERFORMANCE or PRESENTING the art 9th or 11th August?
Working with experimental new music and real time composition, PERFORMANCE at the PADJAKLUBI or other bar/coffee venue?

a)     Notational performance practices (Investigation, discussion of decided 1-3 topics, lectures, etc in aim to create a performance, Working with 1-3 composers with new compositions)


  1. electroacoustic piece for voice and ambisonics (composer Gonzalo Muruaga), performance at RAAMID

b)  Aural and interpretation practices (Discussion and implementation of alternative performance and interpretation practises, Performance opportunities in experimental and interdisciplinary arts)

  1. Music and visual arts, performance at Pärnu city gallery
  2. Music and nature, Pärnu city gallery back yard or other place
  3. experimental music and real time composition, performance at the PADJAKLUBI or other place

2. active period 16.– 29.9.2024[]

  • MUSICA SACRA/sügis 2024 L 21.9.2024 kell 16.00 Pärnu Eliisabeti kirik
  • MUSICA SACRA/sügis 2024 K 25.9.2024 kell 19.00 Tartu Jaani kirik
  • working with sound installation art and music: performance 27th or 28th at the Pärnu city gallery (or/and other places around the city)?

a)     Notational performance practices (Investigation, discussion of decided 1-3 topics, lectures, etc in aim to create a performance program, Working with 1-4 composers with new compositions or recently composed compositions)


  1. Malle Maltis: New piece for voice and flute (with Leonora) ?
  2. Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi: new solo work for church acoustics and voice/flute
  3. Eladio Aguilar: Requiem, Arrangement of Santa Rita for voice and guitar (and small ensemble?) (2024)
  4. Vocal 4tet L'Armonia (if budget for it, all members are from Finland)

b)    Aural and interpretation practices (Performing and creating sound works)

  1. Making Sounding objects installation from natural and non natural recycled material and creating a musical performance from it. Performance at the Pärny city gallery? ----- This is a project with what I am working on this summer. I would love to implement it to the residency activities as well. This project is about to create art from natural materials and non natural recycled materials. Aim of the project is to make installations from these materials so, that when moved/touched they make a sound. Then I will use the sounds to create a musical performance. The purpose of the project is to show how non natural materials bind natural materials (result is the sound), show the contrast between them and create discussion about the topic.
  2. experimental music and real time composition, performance at the PADJAKLUBI or other place


  • Eesti Arnold Schönbergi Ühing
  • Pärnu linn